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What Does Spicebomb Smell Like?

Spicebomb is a popular line of fragrances for men by the luxury fashion brand Viktor & Rolf.

The line includes several different fragrances, each with its unique scent profile.

Spicebomb vs Spicebomb Extreme, which is better?

When to wear Spicebomb, is it a summer or winter fragrance? 

Spicebomb is considered to be a powerfully masculine, winter fragrance for men and is great for everyday use.

We've outlined the main differences between the various Spicebomb fragrances so you can make a more informed purchase:


Eau De Toilette Released in 2012

This is the original fragrance in the line and features a blend of spices, such as chili, saffron, and black pepper, along with tobacco and leather notes.

Spicebomb Extreme

Eau De Parfum Released in 2015

Spicebomb Extreme is is a more intense version of the original, Spicebomb - with stronger notes of tobacco, black pepper, and vanilla. Just a couple of sprays can be enough for this absolute powerhouse fragrance.

This one is a personal favourite of ours and we recommend trying a tester to find out for yourself.

There should be a powerful, spicy, winter fragrance in every man's aftershave collection - this one certainly ticks all the boxes. 

Spicebomb Night Vision

Eau De Toilette Released in 2019
Eau De Parfum Released in 2020

This fragrance has a more fresh and green scent profile than the original, with notes of green mandarin, Granny Smith apple, and green cardamom.

Spicebomb Infrared

Eau De Toilette Released in 2021
Eau De Parfum Released in 2023

Infared is the latest addition to the lineup and features a blend of chili, saffron, and red berries, along with leather and tobacco notes.

spicebomb fragrance lineup

    Overall, the main differences between Spicebomb fragrance line is the specific notes used within each fragrance - while they all share some common elements such as spicy and tobacco notes, each fragrance has its unique scent profile that sets it apart from the others.

    Where to Sample Spicebomb

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