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Building your own Jo Malone sample set allows for a cheaper way to try the most popular fragrances from this iconic British brand.

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Kayali, the brainchild of Mona Kattan, co-founder of Huda Beauty, stands as a captivating fragrance house that fuses Middle Eastern and Western influences together to create a unique fragrance offering.

Launched in 2018, the brand's name, Kayali, meaning 'my imagination' in Arabic, encapsulates its commitment to creating perfumes that transcend traditional boundaries. Kayali's collection showcases a harmonious blend of quality ingredients, offering users the opportunity to experiment with fragrance layering for a personalized and distinctive olfactory experience. With an emphasis on modernity and elegance, Kayali has swiftly become a symbol of contemporary luxury, inviting individuals to explore and express their own unique aromatic narratives.